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Our Motto:
“Compassion is solution with passion”

Fundación MAS , a nonprofit entity run by its founder, Esther Lucía Ángel de Silva, was created as a response to the pain inflicted on her by indifference and inequality in our country and aims to provide comprehensive solutions to contribute to social wellness.

Fundación MAS has made a difference striving for excellence in helping the need; our priority is to give shelter to children. We currently have a total of 8 shelter homes in the country in which hundreds of children are rescued from violence, physical and psychological abuse, child labor, sexual assault, hunger, and illiteracy at an early age.

Each shelter is built to meet the best living conditions. Our facilities are adapted so that each child may live in a comfortable home. Among the services provided at our shelters are dietary guidelines, psychopedagogical counseling, arts, sports, general medicine and specialty medicine services. Some of the children are today pursuing technical and college degrees.

Shelters have a recreation ground and fun area for healthy growth (outdoor games, sandbox, soccer field, basketball court, etc…), bike trail, library, doctor’s and dentist’s offices, a restaurant kitchen equipped with state-of-the-art appliances, all with hygiene conditions required by the Ministry of Health, and depending on the geographical area in which the shelter is located, it may have a pool.

A team of professionals in different areas contributes to the support and progress of children. First and foremost, the purpose of the shelters of Fundación MAS, is to provide spiritual restitution with the help of God to make the lives of these little ones to be valuable and useful to society.

25 children that came from our shelter homes in the country are currently working at well-known companies and are a living example of the effort made by our Foundation. Other 22 are taking (at renowned universities) degrees in: Medicine, Business Administration, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Veterinary Medicine, Aeronautical Engineering, and Architecture, among others.

Andrea Cárdenas is a ninth Semester student of Medicine at Universidad El Bosque

Likewise, we offer our help to widows, elderly people, and students suffering economic hardship, and we deliver a great amount of groceries to families in need across the country. Fundación MAS is carrying out a project that supports the purchase of social housing for mothers who are the head of the family. 20 homes have been granted.

During pronounced rainy seasons, Fundación MAS conducts aid campaigns and gathers tons of nonperishable food items, water, blankets, etc., and efficiently organizes the delivery of those items in case of need.



Fundación MAS provides comprehensive solutions for social wellness. Our mission is to extend our hand to the needy, embrace Colombian children in a vulnerable position, offer them protection, restoration and education –even to a college degree– so that Colombia may have in return professionals and good-hearted individuals that will bless the society.

Board of Directors


    • GLORIA LUCÍA CARDONA – Executive Director

    • LILIANA HERRERA HENAO – General Secretary
    • MONICA FONSECA – Statutory Auditor
    • SILVIA HENAO – Businesswoman – Health Industry

    • DAVID DUQUE NAVARRO – Businessman – Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

    • MARÍA E. CAICEDO DE GOMEZ – Public Relations – Counseling and Couple Therapy Specialist

    • MARIA A. TORRES DE GUZMÁN – Businesswoman

    • NATALIA GÓMEZ DE ABAUAT – Businesswoman – Agroindustry

    • DOCTOR ALEJANDRO LLANOS – Medical Doctor

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Bogotá – Colombia

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